Wassim Odeh was born in Nazareth in 1979. A renowned Palestinian performer and composer. He began studying Oud at the age of thirteen with Mr. Samir Joubran. He completed his study with a first and second degree in music performance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, with instruction of Mr. Kamil Shajrawi and Prof. Tayseer Elias, where he also taught Oud performance for seven years, as well as in the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. Currently he is finishing his PhD thesis at Bar-Ilan University on the instrumental music of Muhammad A’bd el-Wahhab.


At High School, he completed a final thesis about Arabic music entitled "The Arab Vocal Music "under the supervision of Prof. Ghawi Michael Ghawi. After high school, he studied western music theories and piano performance for a year (1997-1998) at The Yizre'el Music Center, and with the composer Bishara el-Khell. 

In 2002 He was awarded a grant by the "Association of Arabic Music Development" to study Oud for an intensive month with Mr. Naseer Shamma at the Arab Oud House in Cairo.

He is currently the head of the Arabic music department, music theory an Oud teacher at Maqamat - Academy of Oriental Music – in Safed. He also teaches Oud at "Beit Al-Musica" in Shefa-'Amr, and "Maqamat Institute" in Nazareth. He is the  Oud soloist in the "Arab Music Orchestra of Nazareth" at the name of Suheil Radwan, the band of the "Ba'th Choir" and "Watar Ensemble" of Arabic Instrumental Music, which has so far released two of his musical compositions albums. The first album is entitled "Secret" in 2009 and the second entitled "Legends" in 2012, which received two grants of production and promotion from the "A.M. Qattan Foundation". 

In 2018 he has released video clip for his single 'Vertigo' for Oud and flamenco Guitar. In the same year he founded a band named "Wassim Odeh Trio" which includes Anan Zreik on Guitar and Nabegh Abu Nqula on percussion, presenting a new project entitled “Vertigo”, which includes a part of his compositions and an original arrangements of Arabic and international works.

Wassim has performed in many important International and local festivals and participated with international artists such as Simon Shaheen, Omar Farouk, Radiohead band and the Philharmonic of London. In 2012, he was invited by Al Kamandjati Association to play “Concerto Al Andalus” by Marcel Khalife, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Angers in France.


Awards: In 2003, he participated in the Oud International Competition of 12th Arabic Music Festival at Cairo Opera House, and won the second prize. In 2014, he won the Marcel Khalife Award for Young Palestinian Composer, at The Palestine National Music Competition.


He was invited by the international artist Simon Shaheen to teach Oud and to give a lecture based on "Mohammad A’bd el-Wahhab's instrumental music" at the annual program for teaching Arabic music “Arabic Music Retraet” Which is located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, from 4 to 11th of August 2018.